Friday, November 5, 2010


This article was published by the (UK) Daily Mirror on February 13th, 1980.

The Daily Mirror yesterday revealed the power of the Trilateral Commission as a group of global manipulators. The Trilateral Commission--known as the Kingmakers--stands second to none in power, prestige and influence. But not far behind comes the Bilderberg Group, a circle of the elite and wealthy whose hush-hush meetings determine how the Western nations should run their affairs.

Every year 120 of the world's most powerful and influential men come together, lock themselves away for three days and decide what policies the democratic nations of the West should follow.

They are members of the Bilderberg Group and their meetings are always kept a closely guarded secret.

But I can reveal that this year they will meet in the spa city of Aachen, just 45 miles from the German capital, Bonn, from April 18-20 inclusive.

I can also reveal that former German President Walter Scheel has been invited to replace the ageing Lord Home as chairman of Bilderberg. Scheel has accepted.

Top of the Aachen agenda will be world politics and economics following the Russian invasion of Afghanistan.

Bilderbergers represent the elite and wealthy establishment of every Western nation. They include bankers, politicians, diplomats and leaders of the giant multinational corporations.

Among British politicians who have attended their meetings are Edward Heath, Harold Wilson, James Callaghan, Denis Healey, Margaret Thatcher, and Enoch Powell.

Other influential members from the British Establishment include Lord Roll, of merchant bankers S.G. Warburg,; Sir Reay Geddes, chairman of Dunlop; John Harvey-Jones of ICI; and Sir David Steel, chairman of British Petroleum.

Everything about the group is shrouded in mystery.

Their meetings, which take place at a different location each year, go unannounced, their debates unreported, their decisions unknown.

In June, 1976, I wrote to the British Foreign and Commonwealth Office inquiring about the Bilderberg Group.

Their reply: "Unfortunately, we can find no trace of the Bilderberg Group in any of our reference works on international organisations."

The White House told me that no records are kept of Bilderberg meetings.

However, I have been able to obtain some records of eight separate Bilderberg conferences--all marked "Strictly Confidential."

One sinister paragraph from the first Bilderberg meeting in 1954 reads: 

"When the time is ripe our present concepts of world affairs should be extended to the whole world."

A year later, in September, 1955, at Garmisch, West Germany, the Bilderberg Group recorded in the minutes of their meeting:

"It was generally recognized that it is our common responsibility to arrive in the shortest possible time at a closely-knit European common market."

Two years later, in March, 1957, the Treaty of Rome, setting up the Common Market, was signed by the governments of Western Europe.

Officially, Bilderberg spokesmen insist that no conclusions are ever reached at their conferences.

This appears to be untrue. For in the Bilderberg records I have obtained there is a heading in capital letters which reads--GENERAL CONCLUSIONS.

One, in fact, went so far as to call for action. 

 It reads: 

 "It was proposed that action should be taken on the following subjects which arose out of discussions at the conference."

The subjects included an instruction to the Bilderberg participants to use other meetings and conferences to put forward ideas and suggestions made at Bilderberg.