Sunday, November 21, 2010


This article appeared in the (UK) Sunday People on February 24th, 1980

We Penetrate Fiery Cross Terror Gangs

Behind the move to set up the Ku Klux Klan in Britain--exposed in last week's Sunday People--is one of most America's most notorious Klansmen.

He is 58-year-old Robert Scoggin, grandly titled "Imperial Emperor" of the Klan in South Carolina, the heart of America's Deep South.

Gun-toting Scoggin, who wears a golden hood and robes of his office, claims to have launched Klans in Australia and New Zealand and boasted to our investigators about his British contacts working to set up the KKK here.

He told us: "We need organisers in England. Come to America for a Klan initiation to prepare yourselves."


So Sunday People investigators travelled 3,500 miles to Scoggin's headquarters in the town of Spartanburg, South Carolina, which has a large number of black citizens descended from slaves.

We were received by Scoggin in full regalia with the sign of a hooded night rider carrying a flaming torch emblazoned on his breast. He wore the Klan's black and scarlet Maltese cross badge, with its centerpiece of a droplet of human blood.

And he wasted no time arranging macabre initiation ceremonies for us--carried out before an assembly of masked Klansmen.

The initiation was followed by practical instruction in the use of pistols and submachine by practical instruction in thebuse of rifles, pistols and submachine guns. "You'll get more niggers using these," said Scoggin.


We had been met on the freeway outside Spartanburg by American Klansmen and bundled into a blue transit van with darkened windows. It was full of Klansmen's robes, swords and a makeshift altar.

Inside the carpeted vehicle we were we were instructed to complete membership cards, then driven to a large ranch-style house on the edge of Soartanburg and led up an unlit narrow staircase into Emperor Scoggin's headquarters, which he calls a "Klavern."

Scoggin solemnly accepted our application forms and membership fee of 10 pounds each.