Thursday, October 28, 2010


This is one of the earliest articles published on the Bilderberg Group. It was published in the November 1976 edition of Verdict, a UK magazine.

In these pages, VERDICT tells the story of the Bilderberg Group, a story that will astonish all the freedom-loving citizens of the Western world that prides itself on democracy.

Bilderberg is a gathering of the most powerful, most political influential and most wealthy men in the West.

Every year for the last 24 years they have met in heavily-guarded secrecy, covertly influencing the economies and politics of independent nations.

All attempts to uncover the workings of Bilderberg have been systematically suppressed from the highest level.

In this world exclusive (by Robert Eringer), VERDICT reveals for the first time the activities of this secret group and the names of the powerful men behind it.

“The world is governed by very different personages from what is imagined by those who are not behind the scenes.”

Those words were written by Benjamin Disraeli, empire-building Prime Minister of Great Britain, almost a hundred years ago.

If they were true of Britain then, they are as true today of a Western world which boasts of its freedom and democracy.

How else can the Bilderberg Group be explained?

It has certainly never been explained to the British public, for practically no one in Britain has ever heard of the Bilderberg Group.

Yet the conclusions and decisions of this privately convened group—reached behind the tightly shut doors of its heavily-guarded and very secret meetings have, in the last twenty-five years, affected everyone.

The Bilderberg Group consists of between eighty and one hundred of the richest, economically and politically most powerful influential men in the Western world. Each year they lock themselves away for three days to discuss foreign policies and world economics.

The men who attend are bankers, politicians and leaders of giant multi-national companies. Their meetings can hardly be just friendly get-togethers.

Victor Marchetti, a former top assistant to the director of the United States’ Central Intelligence Agency, has said privately, “It would be ridiculous to think that the world’s most influential men hold meaningless discussions. No discussion is meaningless when it involves men of such status.”

Author Phyllis Schafly, in a little-known book called A Choice Not An Echo described the Bilderberg Group as “a little clique of powerful men who meet secretly and plan events which appear to just happen.”

The Group was started twenty-five years ago at the instigation of a Polish political philosopher, Joseph Retinger, a powerful advocate of a unified Europe. He approached Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands, who, with enthusiastic help from top men in the Dwight Eisenhower Administration, was able to set up steering committees in America and Europe.

These committees have organized a meeting at a secret venue every year since 1954, when the first one was held at Hotel de Bilderberg—hence the Group’s name—in Ooosterbeek, Holland.

This year, for the first time since the Hotel De Bilderberg get-together, the annual meeting was cancelled. It was due to be held in April in Hot Springs, Virginia. The steering committee regrettably called it off because they already knew what the reest of the world was to find out months later: that their permanent chairman for the last twenty-four years, Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands, was about to be publicly disgraced for taking a 500,000 pound bribe from the Lockeed Aircraft Company.

But the Group will be meeting again next year. The date and venue have already been fixexed: Late April at the Devon resort of Torquay, the constituency of rich Tory M.P. Sir Frederic Bennett, who is on the European steering committee and has attended every Bilderberg Group meeting since 1963.

In calling Sir Frederic into their confidential conclave, the steering committee of Bilderberg made one of their few miscalculations about rising politicians. They have been uncannily right about choosing the right men to join their secret deliberations. Every single of one of the present, major leaders of the West has emerged from the ranks of the Bilderberg Group.